Epoxy Flooring

In construction, an epoxy coating may be used for decorative flooring and high-performance applications in heavy vehicle and foot traffic areas and any area which requires high aesthetics. Epoxy flooring will give you a beautiful floor made to last with little to no maintenance.

How do we do it?

The Color Surface Epoxy surface is made from industrial grade components applied in a three-layer system. Before any surface can be applied, a rigorous treatment of prep work takes place. The concrete must be free of debris of any kind including oil, dirt, sealers, loose concrete and any type of bond breaker. Once the surface is clean, it is then washed in a Muriatic solution in order to etch open the pores of the concrete surface. This process allows the primer to seep into those pores, thus creating the best possible bond between the concrete slab and the epoxy system. When the cleaning is complete, three layers are then applied; primer coat, base (color) coat, then one coat of high-performance polyurethane. The polyurethane gives the system stain resistance as well as helping to maintain its new appearance. Oil, dirt and most common debris can be wiped away with no staining to the surface. Your result? A beautiful floor made to last.


  • Hygienic and mess resistant
  • Durable and attractive
  • Slip resistant for your safety


  • Resistant against grime
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Attractive and functional

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